The Chihuahua Effect

I didn’t expect to get picked up during my double date last weekend.

And then he literally lifted me straight off the ground and pretended to abduct me into a windowless van.

This happens every so often – the lifting part, that is. Not a very dignified thing to happen at my age, unless you count the time I needed to be carried across a rushing river.  But that was based on survival.

The Librarian wasn’t the one who picked me up – it was the husband-portion of the double-date. He totally upstaged The Librarian with his enthusiastic, open personality. I’m friends with his wife, but this is only the second time I’ve met him – the first time being very brief. He hugged me after I joked about my personal space, he lifted me up, and in general, he seemed to like me a lot. My friend was nonplussed. My own biased opinion is that I believe other women find me completely non-threatening. You can totally trust me with your husband or boyfriend. Seriously. Hand him over.

Why do I sound so creepy? I might as well have a windowless van, too.

Before you think what you’re thinking, I have to explain that The Husband’s reaction towards me is what I call the “Chihuahua Effect”. I never had a term for it before, but it seems fitting since I seem to like referring to Chihuahuas. If for some reason you think they’re cute, and they do something you think is cute, as in: “Did you see the Chihuahua? She has an underbite!  Haha! That’s so cute – I gotta take a picture of her!”, then the Chihuahua Effect is taking place.

I don’t know why I can’t find a single man that I find attractive to react this way. I wouldn’t have to work so hard. I’d simply flash my underbite at him and I’d be golden.


8 thoughts on “The Chihuahua Effect

    • I suppose it depends on who is doing the picking up. What if it was Bret McKenzie? Never put me down, Bret McKenzie!

      Most of the time it’s been done as part of a greeting. The faux kidnapping was a first. And by someone I don’t know that well – so it was a little awkward.

      Apparently, the husband got in trouble with the wife. She told him that he kept “blocking” The Librarian from talking to me more than he could have. Not that he was that The Lib was interested. I really don’t know…I didn’t feel much attraction on my end.

      I want to keep dating, but sometimes it’s discouraging.


  1. i dont like it when people think they can invade your space and they think its funny or cute because mostly its just annoying and it makes me want to punch them. bet they wouldn’t like to be punched by me!


  2. I’m surprised the term “The Chihuahua Effect” (TCE) has not caught on and included in our day- to-day conversations. Then again, Chihuahuas can be quite protective and bite!

    Taekwondo. Yup, that will give you the moves to teach those would-be lifters to stay the hell away from your personal space. I only know this from the countless hours I’ve spent watching my grandsons at taekwondo classes. Thinking about someone lifting me makes ME want to take taekwondo lessons, because despite growing up in the Philippines and being on buses and jeepneys where personal space is non-existent, I do get uncomfortable when people I barely know get into my space.

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    • oh my goodness – you are reading my old posts. i find some of them embarrassing because I talk about how unsuccessful I am at dating.

      I have a pet peeve about my personal space. Did you know I was almost “spooned” in public by a stranger?? haha! Okay, I’m exaggerating, but still…

      Note to self: look into taekwondo…

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