stone cold knitter

i miss my cat.

I’m an on-again, off-again knitter. I’m in on-mode right now, having been inspired by a friend who has been crocheting those cute amigurumi figures. I’m of Japanese descent, and it has taken me forever to learn and remember that word. Amygummy? Agroommy? Ergimummy? Argh!!

I love yarn, especially when the fiber is spun from alpacas. I love wooden needles and the fact that you can’t bring them to jury duty because it is a known fact that knitters are stone. Cold. KILLERS.

I’ve been trying to knit the perfect hat. This has been going on for years. The only hat I’ve ever kept was the one I subsequently lost in Scotland. Every time I travel I somehow manage to leave behind some article of clothing. (I am choosing to let that last sentence sound sexy and daring, even though it involves beanies and stretched-out sweatshirts.) In fact, I’ve hardly kept anything I’ve ever made, save a few coffee cup cozies and some crocheted roses my armygrummi friend taught me how to make.

Why is this?

a) I’m a perfectionist unwilling to compromise the highest apex of my expectations
b) I give everything away as part of my plan to clothe the heads of the entire population, one hat at a time
c) I look terrible in hats

See? I look like Michael Nesmith. I’m very upset because the hat is too small for my head. And it’s making me look like I have sideburns.

All are sort of true. But the thing that dawned on me this morning is that I actually enjoy the process. Screw the outcome. My task, my lesson, is to appreciate what is happening in the moment. Sometimes I feel disappointed that I didn’t capture a moment with my camera or that a better camera would be able to perfectly capture a scene…and then I remember that I am here, seeing this perfect thing at the most perfect of moments. That I can choose how I want to see what I see. Moments like this shift my perspective and depth of gratitude. Knitting, you are a surprising teacher.

Yes, we’re stone-cold killers. But we can also be found staring lovingly at our inordinate amounts of yarn and our beautifully crafted weapons of choice.

It’s the alpaca heart in us.


15 thoughts on “stone cold knitter

  1. I love knitting!
    I love the Monkees and Micky Dolenze!
    I love Alpacas and alpaca yarn!

    the best thing I have ever knitted is a beret hat out of alpaca yarn…it is so soft! I will never knit anything as good again as I am basically not very good at knitting!

    I wish I could crochet those little figures with names I can’t hope to pronounce…but crochet is for wizards!


    • haha!! that’s so cool! hm, I’m guessing you have lots of lovely yarn…beautiful yarn and a simple stitch can make anything look beautiful. try again!

      I tried my new hat on yesterday and thought, darn – I seriously look like Michael Nesmith. I wasn’t brave enough to post a selfie so instead, I hijacked a photo of him looking incredibly glum, trying to pass him off as myself. I don’t think anyone will notice.


      • I have lots of lovely yarn! I keep buying alpaca yarn and patterns I am too scared to try in case I ruin it!!

        No, I am sure no one will notice…I did but then I saw the monkees live when I was 13 (they were old…it was the 80s not the 60s!!) so I am an expert!! 😉


        • Did you know that yarn, especially alpaca, have bossy voices?: “I demand that you knit me up and show me off.” I can hear it from way over here.

          I knew the only way I would fool you is if you were delirious after a long workout and butt-busting dance performance.


          • Haha! I have heard those same voices saying “buy me I am lovely” so you may be right 🙂

            Hehe after a work out and dance performance I am sometimes fooled by such simple things as door handles so that at me true 🙂


      • “what am i doin’ hangin’ ’round?
        i should be on that train and gone,
        i should be ridin’ on that train to san antone,
        what am i doin’ hangin’ ’round…”

        …bit of worthless trivia, it was one of the few songs nesmith sang that he didn’t write (it was written by michael murphy, the guy who did the song “wildfire”, if i’m not mistaken)…

        …just trying to add to the voices in your head…


    • I wouldn’t have a new profile pic if it weren’t for you. You should sell that natural light – you could make a fortune!

      You are placing me in the company of Leo da Vinci?? Now that’s what a call a loving friend 🙂


  2. Wherever did you find that photo of the man with that expression and the wee little hat…

    Love this post, especially because I had no idea that knitters were stone cold killers. And speaking of leaving things behind, my friend Jim purposely brought old underwear when they traveled, that way he could throw them away and return with none. Just giving you ideas in case you want to leave things of yours on purpose at next trip.

    Did you like Scotland?

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    • I remembered that Michael Nesmith wore beanies, so I searched for a photo (should’ve given photo credit, tho).

      As soon as I read “old underwear” I couldn’t stop laughing and thinking “ew” at the same time 😂!! But I get it.

      I loved Scotland, especially the highlands.

      Oh, you didn’t know that beneath a knitter’s cuddly exterior is a cool, calculating assassin?


  3. I’m laughing right now, I should have said CLEAN old underwear, but I’m glad you got it. It was funny when he told me this after he returned from a trip to Turkey.

    I will be more mindful of knitters now that I know more about their personalities.

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