country mouse


stranger danger!!!!

stranger danger!!!!

Somewhere in one of my past posts I called myself a country mouse who liked to rock ‘n roll once in a while. If you glance at me for about, umm…0.2 seconds, I’m pretty sure you’re not saying this to yourself: she sure as heck looks like she knows her way around a farm!!

Instead, I bet you think I can’t function without multiple cups of caffeine in the morning. You doubt I can lift a 5lb bag of gummy worms. You believe, given the option, that I would push over and use a small child as a stepping stone before placing my foot in sheep poo.

sheep sighting
I would call you Judgey McJudgerson, but I haven’t done any of those things, so who am I to say? You might be right.

I have a dream. And that dream is to have a small farm. Small being the operative word. Like maybe a few goats and a dozen chickens to start. See if I can handle it.

chicken coop

When you have a dream, you tend to overlook the reality of the situation. At least I do. Oh, but please let my dream stay beautifully misted over with romantic idealism…

sheep farm
Marry me, FarmLife!!
(Sorry, I held back as long as I could. Some day, one of my proposals will be accepted wholeheartedly.)

Reality can settle in later, like with a real marriage, right?


13 thoughts on “country mouse

  1. I say get some chickens 🙂 see how you like them!
    There is no reason why you wouldn’t like it and at you would have fresh eggs!
    I would be envious of the idea of this…but in reality i have enough trouble with cat poo!

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      • Well, when you post “I would push over and use a small child as a stepping stone before placing my foot in sheep poo.” what do you expect?

        Thank goodness my grandchildren are bigger now (and this Lola has been taking them to taekwondo lessons), in case you try try to use them as stepping stones.

        Great post, funny as always. I suspect even reading your grocery list — if you make one — would make me laugh.

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        • Thank you so much for reading, Jane! Especially my posts on poo and deliberately pushing children around. Maybe I should write about those things more often…

          btw, I’m sure your grandchildren are taller than me and could easily destroy me with their taekwondo-ness, so I will steer clear of them. Thanks for the warning!


  2. Haha, if my grandchildren have been listening to their Sah Bum Nim (the taekwondo Master), they had better be kind and offer to go in front of you to make a human “bridge” so you can walk without having to step on any poo! You know, be kind to your elders 🙂

    I’m pretty sure you are still taller than them at this point, but I’m hoping they’ll at least be taller than my 4’10”-ish (we all shrink when we get old) Filipina mother by the time they are 12. I hear American milk makes you tall.

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