Spring is springing.

My WordPress friend Lola Jane encouraged me to participate in this week’s WP photo challenge for the word fresh. I haven’t taken part in a WP weekly photo challenge in a while, using the excuse of “I’m still settling from my move (whine, whine).” My poor boyfriend, Camera, is a little peeved at me because I haven’t taken him out. Instead, I’ve been using my iPhone to capture the amazing flowers I’ve come across in the past few weeks.

The warm weather in Sonoma County has caused an explosion of flowers and colors. I’m mesmerized. Beauty is everywhere.

nature's bouquet

Because I’m new to all of these different pollens, I’m crossing my fingers that my allergies won’t be too bad this spring. Or summer. I might as well throw fall in there, too. More than anything else, I’d like to spare others from my incredibly loud sneezes. I sooo wish I could be one of those people who sneezes like a cat. So delicate! So dainty!: choo.

Instead, this is me: WA-WA-WAAAATCHOOOOO!!!!


But it would be worth it, you know? I want to have fresh flowers in my place all of the time. I decided to buy/find them for myself since I don’t have a thoughtful boyfriend that picks wildflowers for me (whine, whine). Camera’s excuse is that he doesn’t have legs, arms or hands. Whatever.

Everyone deserves to surround themselves with whatever they find beautiful to them. Unless you have a tooth collection. I’m very open-minded, but ew.

Spring is a beautiful time of year. I hope that you get fresh with it any way you see fit.


17 thoughts on “re(fresh)ed

      • Ouch! I won’t come here again if you are going to gnaw! 😦
        yes… people say they can hear me coming a mile away because of my sneezers…
        or rush in and ask me anxiously ‘are you alright?? i thought you were dying?’
        no, not dying, sneezing.
        i don’t care – I just say, thats the way i sneeze. i have absolutely no control over it.
        some of my big sneezes come after a succession of smaller, equally uncontrollable, little sneezes!

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        • Wow…now I would really like to hear you sneeze. People really ask if you’re okay? I mostly get surprised looks because I’m sort of small and mostly quiet, yet my sneezes are kind of obnoxious. Like your sneezes, it’s a gift 😉

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  1. yes. people who don’t know me – or my daughter when she is anxious – come rushing in and say ” are you okay?” – they think I’m having some kind of – i don’t know – fit – lol…
    and yes, it’s definitely a GIFT. lol.
    then we people get used to it, they don’t believe i can’t control it.
    “can’t you sneeze without making such a loud noise” they will ask in annoyance.
    nup. “can you control your sneezes?” i ask back, equally annoyed.
    lol. 🙂
    glad to hear there is someone in the same predicament! aint the world wide web fab ? 🙂

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  2. Ahah! I knew you have been hoarding all these beautiful pictures that could have been shared with the WordPress Photo Challenge community (nice community!)

    Love all the shots, and can smell that jasmine (achoo!), and I want to shrink and dive into all those yellow flowers (achoo again!). Your sneeze exchange with Debbie is funny…and I’m happy to see this 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Your other big fan is en route from the Philippines to back home here in the U.S., I will have to alert her of your new posts while she was away (she is not a blogger, but, once in a blue moon she does make a comment on my blog, and then I feel like I should pop open a bottle of champagne or something.)

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    • Thanks for giving me a gentle nudge towards posting some current photos. I saw the WP theme and thought to myself, “Aw, I don’t have anything ‘fresh'”, so I was already talking myself out of it.

      I love all of my (two) fans! What is your sister’s name? If she ever comments, I’ll share a bottle of champagne with you!


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  4. These photos are so beautiful. We still had snow on the ground until a week ago lol. I can’t wait to get gardening!! I also love having a vase of flowers in the house; nothing wrong with buying or picking some for yourself 🙂 Being the girly girl that I am I am on the lookout for an old silver teapot to use as a flower vase.

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