Im Not Ignorunt, I Right Gud Stuff

I’m driving out of town tomorrow to meet some friends and decided to consult Yelp on restaurants in the area.  I stumbled upon this review:


In general, pretty good Jap food.
However, definitely not the place to go for some fast meals.Wait time was a total of 45 minutes for a bowl of ramen and some sushi for each person in a party of six. (Only 3 parties in the restaurant)
The ramen can be very salty and have you dying of thirst, but the sushi can make up for that.
The old japanese waiter seems friendly.In general, food is good. Expect the wait.

“…pretty good Jap food”??  I decided to look at the reviewer’s profile and learned that he’s a young Asian guy.  I also learned this:

Why You Should Read My Reviews
I actually take thought into them and not carelessly right 5 words.

I didn’t think it could happen, but it did.  I’m speechless.