And Your Mission is…

Every organization has a mission statement.

Why shouldn’t a couple have one, too?

I was emailing a friend the other night, and I told her I thought it would be a good idea for a couple to come up with a mission statement together. And since almost every idea has been done before, I’m sure there are situations where couples do this. If not, can I copyright this? Too late? You’re already stealing it? Damn you…I would come after you with my girl-machete, but I sense you aren’t threatened by me. I know. All bark, little bite.

As a couple, what do you stand for and how will you strive together into the future? This is what I will ask my future partner to send him screaming, running away from me. If he doesn’t run, well, then I know I’ve made the right choice. I know there are vows spoken during a ceremony and/or promises made, but a mission statement can be created together as a couple, as a united front, and be used as an anchor to toss over the side of the boat when the waters get choppy. Realistic? Idealistic? I like to think they are both, but you can decide for yourself.

And speaking of your self: I think it would benefit us as individuals to come up with our own statements – something to refer to and remember when life kicks us in the face or even worse, if we lose faith in ourselves. Who are you and what do you stand for, strive for? What do you say in commitment to your self?

I just felt something pop. This is a lot of thinking for me this early in the morning. I won’t have any brain juice left for work today.

Brain juice. Can I copyright this, too?


6 thoughts on “And Your Mission is…

  1. …”brain juice” sounds like a new energy drink…eh, it’s probably already copyrighted…

    …a mission statement sounds like a good idea for both couples and individuals (of course, my mission statement would be “try not to humiliate yourself…”


    • neal, neal, neal…because my mission statement includes telling people what to do, I say to you, think in positive terms before I write yours for you. It will be so bright and shiny, you’re going to wish you hadn’t triggered my brain juice into action.


  2. Huh, interesting, you could answer the basic question. Are you the couple you want to be? I can recall saying things like “Lets never be the couple that sits in a coffee shop looking at our laptops”, or my favorite “lets not be our parents”……. but we never ask it in the positive sense…. interesting idea…. regarding brain juice too late I think.


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