the pull

anais nin

Have you ever felt this way?

Sometimes I feel a fierce need to be in a different place. To refresh myself with things I’ve never seen or experienced before.

I traveled a bit last year, but nothing has taken my breath away like my trip to Scotland and England in 2011. I literally stood and gaped at an inordinate amount of stunning views. I wanted to ask someone to pinch me, but I didn’t want to wake up. I remember saying aloud, “I’m here. I’m seeing this.”

View from Cuith-Raing, Highlands, Scotland

View from Cuith-Raing, Highlands

The skies seemed bigger. I felt even smaller. I had my doubts that I was still on Earth.

Cuith-Raing, Highlands, Scotland

Cuith-Raing, Highlands

Calda House, NW Highlands, Scotland

Calda House, NW Highlands

I was a solo traveler on that trip. I find that there are pros and cons to traveling alone. The biggest pro is that you can do whatever you want whenever you want; the biggest con is that you don’t get to share the experience with anyone. After a while, I got a bit homesick on the trip, mainly because I became overwhelmed with the constant moving from place to place and the newness of things. The craving for familiarity started to seep in.

I don’t know what to attribute this feeling. I’m a creature of habit, yet I need to be released into the wild once in a while. Even on a trip to a new and fascinating city, I can only take so many museums and interiors of lavish castles. And then I need to be let out. Experience the small, quiet moments and the vastness of the landscape around me. Let my traveling mind reach out and wrap itself around the details of new people, culture and food. Lots of food. Of course, you don’t need to travel 5000 miles just to experience something new. Look into the familiar and unfamiliar of your everyday life, and you will see something you’ve never seen before.

What I see in my everyday life – big and small – isn’t too shabby.

beautiful day

Oh, but that pull…

I’m taking a short trip soon with a friend and I’m sooo looking forward to exploring the wild heart of a new city.

This traveler is ready to be unleashed.

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