Like most people, I can be a contradiction in terms depending on how good/bad my hair looks, my cat-like moods, and if my stomach is growling or not. So how can I possibly describe myself except for this way:

At times, smart and sharp, but other times the edges of my brain appear dull and confused by camera settings, computery words, and maps. Practical and romantical. Loves to talk about food and gardening and life, laughs at own jokes, is twisted in a sincere way. Wants to connect with people and likes to be alone. Silly. Serious. Sillerious. Attracted to good grammar. Seeking relationship based on friendship, laughter, commu – Gets easily sidetracked.

Superpowers: empathy, humor, ability to connect (when I feel like it).

What I Blog About: Stuff. Thoughts about Stuff. Important Stuff and Why-Is-She-Writing-About-That-Insignificant Stuff. Don’t be surprised if I suddenly decide to post a recipe for s’mores. Argh! Now I’m hungry for…popcorn. Always popcorn.

Current activities (as of 12.2019):

– Not writing any blog posts. What happened? Where did I go? Writing is fun! Why did I stop??!!

– Baking + making like a woman possessed. Or maybe I’m simply possessed. Wheee!!!

– Speaking of possessed, I am hugely into reading cookbooks and researching/talking about/comparing/fine-tuning recipes and getting better and faster and stronger but not sure I’m getting smarter. Actually, I don’t think I’m getting faster or stronger, either.

– Dealing with aging parents.

– Trying to figure out how to get back into doing stained glass and mosaics (a specific kind of space is needed…the kind I don’t currently have).

– Learning. Always learning.

– Matching what I love on the inside with what I do on the outside.

– (Back in 2016 ->) I finally uploaded a new ‘About’ photo. I have my brother to thank for this. He’s probably the only one who could put up with my lack of skill set when it comes to having my photo taken. I don’t know how to act naturally in front of a camera:
Bro: Maybe walk up the hill…
Me: How do I walk? Do I move my arms like this? Or more like this??
…later, while looking over the photos…
Bro: Maybe I should have had you stand still.

Personal goals for 2020: Follow the pull, remember to have fun, and move through life with loving-kindness and an open heart.

Personal lifetime goal: “I don’t have to try and be. I am.”


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Jane, I now officially love you. It can come across kinda creepy when I say it right off the bat like that, but that’s just how it is. You had me with the three-pound coffee mug workout. But THEN, the puffy-sleeve thing. Anyone who makes me chucklesnort (and there are so few) gains instant access to the love list. The Elvis thing took me a minute, but then I saw the truth. 😂😂💕💕

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      • Ok, I got a few new chuckles here (leaf-blowing wino), so I will count this as a nudge-response for now.

        I only just saw this response. Because my brain only works intermittently, too. So I didn’t get to show you my tattoo. Please see DM.

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