joining the flock


I’ve heard that the best way to introduce a new chicken to an established flock is to simply place said chicken with the flock in the middle of the night. When the other chickens wake up to greet a new day, they stretch their feathers and think the newbie has been there the whole time.

Taking my cue from chicken behavior and knowing that humans are addle-brained while they’re sleeping, I’m re-entering the WordPress flock like a chicken ninja, under the cover of darkness. (You people in Europe and other time zones haven’t had your coffee yet or maybe you’re exhausted with your work/kids/lifestuff, so I feel confident in taking advantage of your addled brains, too.)

Act like you’ve been here: I’m not sure if the newbie chicken thinks it’s been part of the flock the entire time, but since my brain is sorta on the soft side, yes, I’ve always been here. I can’t help it if you haven’t noticed me huddled on a branch, waaay inside the bushes.

So, there you have it, I’m back to lovingly insulting you wonderful people and comparing you to chickens. It’s like I never left (because I didn’t).



inside the ordinary


Ordinary day.

Ordinary beach.

Extraordinarily poetic.

The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you find in ordinary things. 

– Veronique Vienne

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P.S. I think this is my shortest post ever. But I just ruined it by writing this post script.


A Day in the Life

It’s my birthday today, and I am super thankful.  Instead of writing a novel, I’ll let the photos do most of the talking:

Birthday Breakfast

Started out my morning at a local coffee shop to have my power breakfast and do a little job hunting.


Next stop, the beach.  I took a moment to admire all the jewelry out there.

Gifts From the Sea

More jewels.

The View

I went home, suited up, and went for a run along the beach.  See the egret?  Cool, huh?  BTW, all this running seems to be shrinking my badonkadonk,
but at the same time, it’s making my thighs meatier.  What’s up with that?  No, I didn’t take a photo of either.  That’s sick!  Yes, I’m talking to you…you know who you are!!

Que Bueno!!

Next stop, this place called Costco.  My mom and I dined on the amuse bouche that they had to offer.  It was quite delightful.
Then I contemplated buying these poor, dented containers of Que Bueno.  I felt sorry for them.

Birthday dinner

From amuse bouche to dinner!  I know, not the greatest photo, but believe me now and believe me later – it was #*!#%!* delicious.
I had (cover your eyes, veg heads) duck leg and duck ravioli.  Sooo good!

Hey, a present from my friends in L.A.!!  It was so sweet of them to send me something!

The Present

The Contents of Pandora's Box

This is only about 1/8 of what was in that box.  My friends are special.  Oh, so special.
And I miss them very much.

The Slump

It’s been four days since I last exercised.

I feel like I’m in some sort of confessional, heavy with guilt, afraid I’m going to give in to that slacker side of me that hates to exercise…

Slacker was really happy to see me: I was wondering when you were coming back. Look, I saved you a seat right next to me…have some milk tea! Refillable for life. I texted our friend Carbs…he’s on his way. He missed you, too. Soon, we’ll all be one big happy family again.

Help me.