The Slump

It’s been four days since I last exercised.

I feel like I’m in some sort of confessional, heavy with guilt, afraid I’m going to give in to that slacker side of me that hates to exercise…

Slacker was really happy to see me: I was wondering when you were coming back. Look, I saved you a seat right next to me…have some milk tea! Refillable for life. I texted our friend Carbs…he’s on his way. He missed you, too. Soon, we’ll all be one big happy family again.

Help me.



8 thoughts on “The Slump

  1. …oh, you know slacker and carbs too? they’re always comin’ by my house and partying till all hours…

    …back when i was serious about working out (waaaaaay before we met, circa 1980’s thru the early 90’s; you’ve only known me as a lazy slug), the prevailing wisdom was to never let more than 48 hours go by without some kind of workout, no matter how light/easy the routine, so your mind/body won’t get used to not doing it (like that double negative? me got good grammar, me english major); like i said the other day, it’s the idea of making exercise an unthinking/autonomic part of your day…and, if possible, find a good workout partner (someone at least as dedicated as you; a bad partner, which i’ve had, will get you to skip the workout and go get pie…mmmmmmmmm, pie…) 🙂


    • This isn’t an excuse, but I was a bit under the weather. Okay, it’s an excuse. I’ve had a sore throat for a few days and was draaaaging. And Slacker has been making me drink milk tea several days in a row. That has nothing to do with anything – I just like blaming something other than myself.


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