what’s your angle?

This week’s WordPress photo challengeAngular – was just that: challenging.

I thought to myself, Angles? I don’t have no stinkin’ angles! I’m so busy looking at nature, I’m clueless about angles. I know, I know, nature is full of them. But I wanted to post a photo of something made by human hands.

I’m usually not drawn to buildings and lines and such, so I had to comb through my archive to see what I could find…

the disappearance of the golden gate bridge

Well. You beautiful thing, you.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most stunning bridges in the world. Granted, I haven’t seen very many bridges in my life, but this particular bridge is boldly romantic, sweepingly picturesque, and that FOG! It so deserves ALL CAPS. TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS FUN. Okay, focus. Back to the bridge.

That mysterious, seductive coastal fog adds a whole other dimension to its beauty. I love me some sun, but I also love how weather lends different emotions to a landscape, no matter if you’re taking photos of trees, skyscrapers or people.

So, in the end, I liked this challenge. Yes, I called angles stinky, but the ones that make up this manmade structure completely changed my mind.

That’s the power of the Golden Gate Bridge.



the minimalist

tiny flowers

I’ve started to sporadically participate in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress.  (I’m tired after writing that out. How about DPWPCWP? Never mind.)

I really like today’s theme: Minimalist.

I’m a minimalist. Kind of a cluttery one, but still…

Clothing, makeup (I’m drafting a post on this topic; I like writing about things I know nothing about), my mind – which is also kind of cluttered, and photography. Maybe I’ll change my name to plainjaneintraining. Has a nice ring to it.

burnt orange pine needle

In the spirit of the weekly theme, I’m keeping my words to a minimum. Only for today, though. I still have a lot of things to say about quantum physics, ball pein hammers, and German football teams. One post at a time…one post at a time…