the minimalist

tiny flowers

I’ve started to sporadically participate in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress.  (I’m tired after writing that out. How about DPWPCWP? Never mind.)

I really like today’s theme: Minimalist.

I’m a minimalist. Kind of a cluttery one, but still…

Clothing, makeup (I’m drafting a post on this topic; I like writing about things I know nothing about), my mind – which is also kind of cluttered, and photography. Maybe I’ll change my name to plainjaneintraining. Has a nice ring to it.

burnt orange pine needle

In the spirit of the weekly theme, I’m keeping my words to a minimum. Only for today, though. I still have a lot of things to say about quantum physics, ball pein hammers, and German football teams. One post at a time…one post at a time…


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