The Training Re-Begins

Breaking in my new shoes

No, I don’t think the photo above is proof of my run today, but you really think I’d post a photo of myself running?  I don’t think so.  I was a sweaty, red-faced, hot mess during and after my first attempt with this new training app:

I’m personally calling this my “Finding My Redemption”App

It’s one of those “Couch to 5K” programs titled “Get Running”, recommended to me by The Food Librarian (check out her blog – but I’m warning you…you’ll gain five, no ten pounds just looking at her website:  The program is much kinder and gentler than my previous one, which I’m convinced was conceived by Bobby “Got Anger?” Knight (don’t worry, he doesn’t know where I live).

I actually made it through the whole training and when I got home, even tried out some new arm exercises using weights.  I think the exercises were touted as helping you acquire “sleek, sexy arms” and were probably designed by the same people whose exercises I tried the other day called “Fit in Your Skinny Jeans”.

Those marketing sons of bitches.


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