Sistah From Anothah Mistah

Have you ever run into your doppelganger?

When I saw mine, I said out loud, “Is that me?”

I’m sure everyone has experienced someone telling them that they look like someone they know or some actor/actress. And in most cases, you feel like you don’t look like your supposed twin at all. You might even feel a little insulted.

But when I saw mine, I did a double-take. There I was, in Zumba class with some friends, and I saw myself on the other side of the room next to the small stage where the instructor dances.

“I think that’s me!” I said excitedly, nudging one of my friends.

She was Asian, wore rectangular glasses, and had my face. How much more me can you get? Her hair was much shorter than mine, but it looked exactly like mine after it had grown back a few inches.

Biggest difference?

Sistah can dance.

I don’t think my body can move in those directions all at the same time. Or any time. And her personality was much bigger than mine. Turns out that she was one of the assistants, because at one point she got up on stage with the instructor. My friend’s daughter covered her mouth in surprise when she saw her. “She looks just like you, but more gangsta!”

Well said, my little friend, well said.

That was a few weeks ago and I haven’t been back to that particular class. Not because I can’t face my more gangsta twin; the class is crowded and I don’t like it when a lot of bodies and booties are shaking all up in my grill. Do I seem more gangsta now?

I’ll go back though. If anything, I want to go up to sistah and say something like, “MeYou? YouMe? Huh? Wha-?” or something equally as intelligent.

Hopefully, she won’t be insulted.


9 thoughts on “Sistah From Anothah Mistah

  1. …ooo, i hear the twilight zone music in the background…in an alternate universe you’re a tatoo-ed, bad-ass gangsta chick (well, technically, the only difference in this universe is that you’re not tatoo-ed and you speak proper english)…


  2. …hmm, my last comment didn’t seem to appear…oh, well…to repeat…
    …clearly, in an alternate universe you are one bad-ass, tatoo-ed, gangsta chick…in this one, you’re simply bad-ass…


  3. I do Morris dancing where we wear masks which we have all painted in a unique style, I have two so I leant one to a new dancer for an evening, it was like repeatedly meeting myself coming the other way, it was so freaky I don’t think I can do it again…
    I am not sure what i would do if I met someone who had my real human face :-S


    • I’ve never heard of Morris dancing…but anything with masks has to be pretty cool.

      If you ever see yourself, I think you should introduce yourself to yourself. Just don’t ask for your face back. That would be wrong. haha!

      Thank you for commenting on my post!!


  4. can you take a picture of your twin? sneak one in for us! i often wonder if i have a twin out there somewhere. i see people all the time who look like other people but never anyone who looks like me… unless you count Lady.


    • Wow, I would have to be extra sneaky to get a picture of my twin. Or I could just ask her. What if she thinks we look nothing alike??

      Yes, I think you have a twin somewhere. Actually, a triplet, because Lady counts as one.


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