I Blog, Therefore I… (aka I Blog, Therefore I Hear Voices)


…who am I?

I just started a blog workshop run by Susannah Conway called “Blogging from the Heart“. It’s caused me to think about my own voice. When I hear it, it sounds nasally, low, calm (though I’ve been told it can sound like I’m depressed) and bright and full of bubbles (overcompensating for those that think I’m depressed)!! My perception of my own voice – vocally and writtenly – is that who I really am? I feel like it’s one of those cases where I am too close to myself, therefore it’s difficult to see myself. No matter how I try, I can’t look down and see my own chin. But I know it’s there.

The blogs I like to revisit are the ones that are homey, welcoming, friendly, honest, and heartfelt. I want to write this way. But I continually want to make jokes. With a side dish of old-man humor. I find it very difficult to stop this way of writing. George Burns keeps knocking down my door.

In no discernible order, I tend to write with a/an:

unconfident voice – hi. no, not hi. i’m not here.
uncertain voice – where am i? who am i? where am i going? do i have to make a choice?
loving life voice – helloooo!!! look at your beautiful/handsome self! isn’t it all wonderful?
sure voice – i can do this. you can do this. we’re going to get there. we’re here, right now.
old-man humor/Fozzie Bear voice – waka waka, nudge, wink, didya hear the one about the…
philosophical voice – be. trust. faith. heart. it is what it is, so make room for it.

That’s a sampling. I have many voices like everyone else. If you only have one voice, it would surprise me. Again, you would be the kind of person I would like to tag and study. I’m joking (again), but not really. People fascinate me. I like hearing and learning about their process, how they make their choices, what makes them who they are.

I love it. I love people.

Now leave me alone.

Sometimes the grumpy voice likes to get the last word.

Now go out and be who you be and do what you do.

That’s the marriage of my grammar-goes-wild and philosophical voices. They don’t appreciate grumpy voice.

I never know how to end these things.

Perhaps it’s best to be pulled off the stage and –



6 thoughts on “I Blog, Therefore I… (aka I Blog, Therefore I Hear Voices)

  1. Great post. I’ve been trying to get rid of my uncertain voice. That is definitely not who I want to be. As for you, I like the humor. It kept me reading. I wouldn’t have stuck around for just a homey, old man voice 😉


    • Grumpy voice isn’t in the building, so I’ll respond: Thank you! And thank you for leaving a comment. I so appreciate it. I was just thinking I need to make more comments and read new bloggers’ efforts.

      You know that uncertain voice? It’s part of your voice! I don’t like mine either – it’s kind of like an annoying man who tells old-timey jokes, ahem. But it keeps me questioning and keeps me on my toes. I think it means you’re trying to find your way and I admire that!


  2. Hello 🙂
    I thing we all have these different aspects which roll together to form our overall voice and style 🙂

    This is a interestingly timed blog too, I was talking to a friend of mine who read my blog and said I was definitely developing my own voice…and to be honest it had never really occurred to me until then!
    I knew I have a physical voice which comes out when I flap my mouth about and make sounds, but the other sort was a mystery to me…

    Also…it never really occurred to me that you could take classes in blogging…this sounds cool!


    • I’ve been giving more thought (no, not more thinking!!) to how I want to project my voice and am going to expand on this post soon.

      Oh, I definitely think you have your own, unique voice. I like your sense of humor and honesty. I think that’s what I meant when I wrote about being too close to yourself to see yourself. It’s good to get others’ opinions and only accept the shiny reviews. haha! No, all opinions are valuable and we can decide what we actually absorb.

      So glad to keep in touch with you!


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