get lost!

traffic jam

I hate getting lost.

It’s guaranteed to happen when I go somewhere for the first time (or the ninth). I’ve moved to a new town but am slightly familiar with the area, which means I will only get lost 75.6% of the time as opposed to 88.2%. These numbers are based on a highly statistical study of numerical and epic proportions.

That’s why GPS is my BFF. Sure, it directs me to dirt landing strips and businesses that sell hot dogs AND spare auto parts. Yes, sometimes it tells me to continually keep making u-turns. To my credit, I only listen for the first hour then realize it’s a practical joke. Oh BFF…you so crazy.

But get me in the woods? Getting lost has never been so good.

Russian Gulch State Park, Mendocino, CA

Russian Gulch State Park, Mendocino, CA

In fact, I prefer not to be found for hours. So if you’ll excuse me, I have to go. I’d tell you where I’m going, but then I’d have to find you and not kill you, but tickle your love handles. (I know you’re kinda sensitive about them.) Or I will shout the word “Eureka!!” over and over again, even though I haven’t discovered anything of importance. The choice is yours.

I’m losing time explaining my torture techniques. I’ve already said too much.

Getting lost now…

Hendy Woods State Park, Philo, CA



8 thoughts on “get lost!

  1. Love the photos you included with the post, Jane 🙂

    When we first moved to the Monterey Bay area, my navigation app on my Blackberry had me going in CIRLCES at that housing area near CHOMP (Del Monte Forest?) after I was trying to get home. I was ready to throw the thing out the window, but my anti-litter self turned it off instead. Then, In San Juan Bautista, I wanted to go “downtown” not realizing how SMALL that down is, and the darn thing sent me instead to the town cemetery! A hint?

    You are right about the forest, and lost among the magnificent redwoods can be a way to find yourself in a strange way. The Russian Gulch photo is so serenely beautiful.

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    • Sounds like your GPS has a better sense of humor than mine has. The cemetery??
      I went for a hike the other day and literally got lost. I was all: “Dingity dang dang!!” because I had already been out there ascending and descending for 3 1/2 hrs. My legs were in a serious coma! I vow that my next hike will be on even ground (good for meditating)…


      • Yes, the cemetery, so again, I turned it OFF, because I could actually see the downtown area — all 2 or 3 blocks of it — from the cemetery. That was a mean GPS.

        Speaking of legs in coma, your post inspired me to write about my lost in the redwoods story too, so thank you!


        • Even if you had a map, it might not have helped. Maybe it’s just me, but I always find something wrong or missing on those park maps. Mean map 😦
          I’ve inspired you?? Whoopee! That’s one for the record books! Glad this is all being written down so that my ego can return to it over and over again.

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