everything is coming up roses

I am violently opposed to roses.

Two thousand years ago I had a blind date who showed up at my front door with a single red rose. I recognized it as a sweet, albeit clichéd gesture and then challenged him to a duel. Well, that’s what I did on the inside. Momma didn’t raise no rude fool, so I thanked him and felt guilty for wanting to get combative with him. I mean, I couldn’t exactly blame him for not knowing I wasn’t a single-red-rose-type-of-girl.

(If “The Bachelor” ever gave me a rose, I would throw it on the ground and jump up and down on it while simultaneously laughing my head off. This will make good TV. Wait. Why am I on “The Bachelor”?? Let me speak to my agent…)

My blind date proceeded to take me to a Kenny G concert, which didn’t help his cause. Perhaps this is what soured me even more on roses. And blind dates.

One time, my ex returned from a backpacking trip with a small bunch of wilted wildflowers that he picked for me. I thought this was incredibly romantic, thus cementing the idea that every man should have the time and inclination to do this. However, there was this other time when he gave me a bouquet of roses the day after he was kinda horrible to me. Strike two, Roses.

But this spring, they’re everywhere. The damn things are haltingly beautiful and incredibly photogenic.

A good friend of mine has been growing a variety of roses and I looked at them with a new appreciation.

pink thorns

those thorns…


this one is hypnotizing…it asked for my credit card and I immediately handed it over…

I still feel like stomping on that perfect, fragrance-less, long-stemmed rose. I still want wildflowers. But the beauty of the garden rose cannot be denied. I know you don’t need more convincing, but I’m going to leave you with Cherry Parfait (below). Stunned? Thought so.

By the way, can I borrow your credit card?

cherry parfait



11 thoughts on “everything is coming up roses

  1. Be careful where it takes you! I used to feel much the same about roses though I’ve always loved gardening and flowers. I even found it in my heart to dig up a few of my Dad’s HT roses many years after he passed. Then Karma struck: I joined a rose breeding company, where I worked for eight happy years. Now I’m on holiday in Mississippi, wondering what day will be best to get up at six so I can photograph roses growing almost wild in a nearby cemetery in the best kind of light!

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  2. Those are some gorgeous roses! I love getting any kind of flower really. Sunflowers are my favourite but roses are beautiful too 🙂 You’re right though when someone sends flowers because they messed up it just isn’t the same. Flowers should be given more just-because; it’s not their fault they get a bad rap lol

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  3. I understand your previous aversion to roses due to connections of not so pleasant experiences. Glad you are enjoying them now for what they are–a gift from nature. Beautiful photos!

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  4. How fun to read this post —- first, because you always make me laugh, and two, I LOVE roses. I’m not that into the succulents — especially the spiky kinds, but roses, I forgive, even if they occasionally make me bleed.

    Kenny G…that would be a strike in my book too, and I’m glad you moved on with your feelings about roses.

    We once lived next to a “rosarian” — he had over 200 varieties, with many growing on our side fence. He was one of my favorite neighbors (because occasionally he would give us a bouquet).

    I planted over 20 rose bushes when we lived in the East Bay, and my favorite type where the heirloom / damascus ones. Oh my did they smell ever so heavenly…heavenly just like your photos, and I can almost smell them now. Great shots!

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    • I used to be totally ‘meh’ about succulents…I don’t know what happened. Like with roses, I turned a corner and saw them all in a new light.

      200 varieties? Wow…I don’t suppose you have any photos of these, do you? Up here in Sonoma, there are so many roses everywhere – they really are breathtaking!


  5. No photos of roses from my old rosarian neighbor, unfortunately…but I did want to let you know (if you don’t already) about the great collection of succulents at the Jardines de San Juan restaurant in San Juan Bautista. We went around this time of the year, and many were in bloom, in case you wanted to get cactus happy the next time you are in this neck of the woods. I posted some photos from there at http://lolako.com/not-crazy-for-cactus-yet/ Bring your camera if you go 🙂

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    • Ah, well, I’m exaggerating a bit for story purposes (I tend to be sarcastic). Yes, poor guy, I’m blaming him for my rocky start with roses. But it’s a happy ending because I now have a better appreciation for roses. As for it seeming strange, perhaps it is. I’ve never claimed to be normal 🙂

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