turn left at the cow

When friends visit me for the first time, I tell them, “Turn left before the blackberry bush.” And then I add, “You might see some sheep when you turn onto my road!!” These are the kinds of helpful details you don’t get from Google maps.

It’s quiet here.

lonely barn

Here is my house. (This, of course, is not my house. I’m not crazy enough to post a photo of the exterior of my place because although I like you, I don’t like you enough to want you to visit me. Unless you show up with a bottle of wine, in which case I love you very much.)

It’s what I wanted. Sometimes I hear roosters crowing, horses laughing, sheep gossiping, cows crooning. The wind picks up every afternoon, always wanting to show off a bit. Other times it is eerily silent. Hearing myself think can be pretty boring and often leads to no good. On a positive note, I’m able to hear potential killers coming up to my door. The crunch of gravel and dry leaves acts as quite an effective burglar alarm.

I always like to find the silver lining in all of my worst-case scenarios!

The best thing about living in the country is the nature and the space. And I realize that saying ‘I live in the country’ is relative. I know there are countrier places, but this is the countriest place I’ve personally ever lived.

country living

Every time I come home, I feel a sense of peace. It is restorative.

This is my happy place, y’all.

For more happy places, check out this week’s WordPress photo challenge!

Oh, before you go, I have a joke for you. Why did the turkeys cross the road?

we own the road

Answer: I have no idea. These turkeys stopped in front of my car and started gobbling the heck out of it. They were either trying to mate with my vehicle or pick a fight. Maybe both. I’m sure this kind of thing happens in the city (substitute the turkeys for people), too.


16 thoughts on “turn left at the cow

  1. To live in your happy place is a blessing, Jane. We live in the suburbs of Chicago, but escape to the mountains of Wyoming each summer to keep us sane. As for turkeys, while driving to work several times in the past months, I seen a group of about 5 turkeys either crossing the road or just hanging out. Must be the city relatives.


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    • Yes, I am incredibly lucky!!

      I’ve never been to Wyoming, but I think of space, wide vistas, the sounds of nature…so nice that you have a place to charge your batteries!

      Really? You have turkeys crossing your path, too? Maybe they’re making a break for it, trying to find some vegans to take them in. After all, Thanksgiving is right around the corner…


  2. Sounds peaceful! It also makes me realize I’m such a city girl. I think those peaceful sounds of the wind would make me think a serial killer is just outside the window! Anxious thoughts abound😁. Glad you found your place!!

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