writing is such sweet sorrow


I’m having writer’s block.

My mind is a blank. Not my regular blank but that no-makey-sense-my-words-no-good kind of blank. So, when in doubt, post photos of extremely random things and make matching random comments:


This is my newest succulent. I’m holding a little nub that had been uprooted from its pot and tossed disrespectfully onto the ground. It had toothmarks on it. I often find my succulents with bite marks and chewed leaves, knocked over, or uprooted and strewn about. Vandals. Miscreants. Other strong words describing animals behaving badly.


I have this thing with tree trunks

This is my favorite selfie. Morning feet, good. Morning face, bad. Trust me on this.


serious mood lighting
The lighting in my place is ridiculous. I want to invite people over so that they can take their selfies in this light. For a small, yet exorbitant fee, of course.


cute badonkadonk

Cute sheep butt sighting.
Sheep cute butt sighting.
Sighting cute butt sheep.

All of these descriptions work pretty well. I really missed out on a career with words about sheep butts.


planting bok choy

Planting bok choy. Taking time to admire my work. Too much time. I had trouble straightening my legs but didn’t have any problem making a lot weird sounds while trying to stand up.


apple season

I am so lucky to be in a part of the world that has an abundance of beautiful summer fruit. I’m very, very grateful. Along with eating the fruit raw, I’ve made apple cake, apple crisp, and multiple batches of applesauce. Peach crisps are dang delicious. I put plums in my oatmeal. Nectarines and strawberries went into my yogurt. Pears went down my gullet. Fruit has been an extremely attentive BFF, the kind of BFF from whom you need to take a little break and hope they don’t take it personally. Okay, I think I’ve covered my bases. If there’s one thing I don’t need, it’s Fruit being all like, “I thought you were my friend….!!!!”

Well, I guess I wasn’t lacking for words after all.

I believe that part of having writer’s block is the belief that you have nothing to say. Fear of sucking at something you actually love to do. Overthinking doesn’t help. It gets tiring, this thinking about my thinkings. While some people need a more stringent thought process, I need to keep free from extraneous thoughts. I’ll try it now.

Are you still there? It’s kind of creepy the way you’re watching me not think.

That’s why I like you.

I’ll leave you to overthink that one.



10 thoughts on “writing is such sweet sorrow

  1. Lovely and creative photos and hilarious as usual 🙂 I’ve missed reading your posts!

    I can’t believe how many fall leaves are on the ground in the photo with the tree stump. Our leaves are all green and still on the trees. This will be my first proper fall here but I don’t think they get as much colour on the trees as in canada. We will see!

    You have animals behavong badly and I have bugs behaving badly… theyve eaten every zuchini so far and my lovely sunflower. I did harvest one tiny cherry tomato finally! :p:p

    Ir looks like your garden is really coming along! Oh how I miss ontario apples and peaches in fall.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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    • Thanks, Alanna, I really appreciate your comments! I was feeling so blah about writing. Every time I started a post, I thought it was too boring. I’m totally my own worst critic!

      The leaves in that photo are deceptive. The light makes them look kinda golden – there are green leaves and only leaves that are shades of brown. There are lots of trees on the property so I’m curious as to what will happen in the fall! Fall colors are so beautiful! I hope you get some there.

      Oh no…darn zucchini-munching bugs! Those are the hazards of gardening. How did the tomato taste?

      I wish that was my garden. It’s actually the place where I volunteer. Hopefully I will be posting my own garden adventures soon…


  2. Ahh, nice photos. I especially like the sheep’s butt. Did you hear about that sheep that wasn’t shaved for almost 5 years or something. Poor guy.
    You sound like you’ve been doing a lot of baking! Are you a full time gardener now? That’s exciting.


    • I didn’t hear about the ungroomed sheep. I’m gonna look that up…whoa…that’s a lot of fur to carry around.

      I’m definitely doing more cooking now that I have a real kitchen to work with. It’s been an education! Unfortunately not a full-time gardener but definitely looking forward to the spring to grow my own stuff!


  3. You are so good at being vulnerable, a rare skill to see in writers/bloggers these days. Your openness makes me feel connected to you, like I’m a funnier person by association…

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    • Holy crab apples! Hi Sharon!!

      I thought my thin layer of humor was hiding all of my vulnerabilities. I’d better rethink my writing strategy, heh heh.

      I love funny, wry people (which I know you are) and I love funny, wry people who think I’m funny. Win, win!

      All funny aside, thank you for leaving a comment. I so appreciate you connecting in this way!

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  4. Even your writer’s block post (when you supposedly have nothing to say) are enjoyable to read. Hope you are over it for the sake of your fans 🙂 .

    You are absolutely right about that light! Beautiful spot you found, Jane — how are the bokchoy coming along?

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  5. Like the other comments here, I do enjoy reading your post and the photos to boot! I’m jealous of your garden. I’m currently on work assignment in Manila and staying at a concrete jungle highriser and I long to see a proper garden.

    Lolako’s sister ( Julie–yes, I have a name too!) 😀

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    • I will remain Calm. Cool. Collected. Hello, Julie. So pleased you stopped by and left a comment. Thank you so much.

      [Jane – look! Your sister revealed her name! Whoopee!!!]

      Oh, I totally can’t take any credit for the garden. That’s where I volunteer. My place doesn’t have a good area for an in-the-ground-garden, but I hope to grow some things in pots/planters soon!


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