you can always find a new path to take

don’t like the path you’re taking? you can always find a new one (or make your own)

*The first word for 2015?: new. For more WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge entries, click here! 

I have been in a writing rut.

I implored AAA to come and rescue me, to charge up my draining battery, but they refused. Something about “we only respond to calls about automobiles, ma’am.”

So be it. I was on my own.

Enter 2015.

Like many people, I feel a renewed energy at the beginning of a new year. It’s a marker that shouts: “Get your fresh start! Fresh starts here!!”

I have a new plan, a new camera, a determination to keep strengthening my core (literally and psychologically), but my creative energy to write has waned. There is an ebb and flow in this life, and right now my words are out to sea. I can see them floating aimlessly, bobbing up and down. I have to trust that they’ll come back to me, even though that whole bobbing up and down thing is really annoying.

Luckily, my creative energy for taking photos is holding steady.

looking inward and looking outward at Shark Fin Cove, Davenport CA

looking inward and looking outward at Shark Fin Cove, Davenport CA

My mantra for 2015?: See new things. See old things in a new way. See Jane get older but always find ways to be new.


what’s your angle?

This week’s WordPress photo challengeAngular – was just that: challenging.

I thought to myself, Angles? I don’t have no stinkin’ angles! I’m so busy looking at nature, I’m clueless about angles. I know, I know, nature is full of them. But I wanted to post a photo of something made by human hands.

I’m usually not drawn to buildings and lines and such, so I had to comb through my archive to see what I could find…

the disappearance of the golden gate bridge

Well. You beautiful thing, you.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most stunning bridges in the world. Granted, I haven’t seen very many bridges in my life, but this particular bridge is boldly romantic, sweepingly picturesque, and that FOG! It so deserves ALL CAPS. TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS FUN. Okay, focus. Back to the bridge.

That mysterious, seductive coastal fog adds a whole other dimension to its beauty. I love me some sun, but I also love how weather lends different emotions to a landscape, no matter if you’re taking photos of trees, skyscrapers or people.

So, in the end, I liked this challenge. Yes, I called angles stinky, but the ones that make up this manmade structure completely changed my mind.

That’s the power of the Golden Gate Bridge.




I was on a nature walk recently when I crossed paths with three elderly people speaking a language I couldn’t place. When they saw me, the lone man raised his fist in the air.

“Good for you! Alone!” He said, smiling and gesturing to our natural surroundings.

I raised my own fist and my boyfriend Camera, in the other. In the eyes of the general public, I was by myself. I’m very lucky that Camera is an understanding sort of partner.

“Yes! Can’t wait for someone…must go!!” I said in broken English, even though I speak perfectly good sentence-wise. I say perfect in sentences. I can get my words out.

(I don’t know why I do this. Must be the decades of speaking to my mom in all sorts of broken up ways so she can understand what I’m babbling about.)

They all smiled at me and headed to a bench to take a break. Their good cheer gave me a boost.

field with a view

I like being alone unless I’m having dinner by myself at a restaurant. Where do I look? Should I stare thoughtfully at empty spaces so as not to creep people out? Or is this creepy in itself? Is it sad to read a book by candlelight while shoving food down my throat?

I should rephrase: I don’t have a problem being alone most of the time. Sometimes being with my own thoughts is terrifying, but at least it’s an activity that doesn’t harm anyone else.

I get filled up really quickly the more energetic and crowded the situation. I can be as outgoing as the next person, and then my inner timer goes off !ding! without warning. I will start to sag and sway. I elbow myself in the side – yes, this is possible – and say, “You’re done. Better come up with an exit strategy.”

After I say a few goodbyes, I know how to slip away, unnoticed.

I guess once a ninja, always a ninja.

This is how I leave a party.

This is what I look like leaving a party.

It’s strange to want to connect with people yet need to be alone. Someday I’d like to be in a serious relationship with the right person, yet I also ‘joke’ about wanting them to live next door to me, not with me. I secretly – that is, until now – think this is a brilliant idea.

d.w. winnicott - artists

I used to think this kind of push-pull was terribly antisocial of me, but I now know that there are many people who can relate. For goodness’ sake, even Oprah needs time alone with her thoughts.

We like our feet on the earth and we want to soar the skies. We like you…in doses. We know how to play well with others (this is up for debate) and are fine playing by ourselves. We have a lot of words to share, but sometimes they get stuck on the way out of our mouths. We like to write things out. Can I get a holla??

Oh, I forgot, you’re probably in hiding. That’s okay. I get it. For now, know that I am raising a triumphant fist in the air for you. We solo explorers need to stick together…until we need to go back to our respective hiding places.

the minimalist

tiny flowers

I’ve started to sporadically participate in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress.  (I’m tired after writing that out. How about DPWPCWP? Never mind.)

I really like today’s theme: Minimalist.

I’m a minimalist. Kind of a cluttery one, but still…

Clothing, makeup (I’m drafting a post on this topic; I like writing about things I know nothing about), my mind – which is also kind of cluttered, and photography. Maybe I’ll change my name to plainjaneintraining. Has a nice ring to it.

burnt orange pine needle

In the spirit of the weekly theme, I’m keeping my words to a minimum. Only for today, though. I still have a lot of things to say about quantum physics, ball pein hammers, and German football teams. One post at a time…one post at a time…


Back. Need vacay from trip. Post pics to buy time. Unable form full sente

Arriving in Seattle

Arriving in Seattle

The stunning EMG building with photobomb by Space Needle

The stunning EMP building with photobomb by Space Needle

Leaves on Ground Retrospective:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Oftentimes when I return from a trip, I need a vacation. The beautiful accumulation of sights and sounds, the wanderings and wonderings…it all tends to give me a travel hangover. My brain has been fogged over, compounded by a lingering head cold.

I came back from Seattle with memories of a very green-living city in the full bloom of fall. The trees! The leaves!! The people so fantastic!!! The men with beards so prolific!!!! I know you were hoping for a Bearded Men Retrospective, but I get kinda shy taking pictures of bearded strangers.

I also didn’t take one photo of anything I ate. No food porn to post. I have no regrets – except for the grilled goat cheese & tomato jam sandwich with tomato soup I had at Radiator Whiskey. It’s not the first time I’ve wanted to marry a food item and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

I was traveling with my friend GMoney (shout out to her street cred), who by the way, is a great photographer. Without her, I don’t think we would have found our way around as well as we did. If I were on my own, I would still be standing on that street corner after having gotten on the wrong bus. (I think in another life I was robbed by a circus clown while holding a map, staring at a fork in the road. Just a few of my fears rolled into one.)

Let’s return to something more pleasant, shall we?

Open Spaces, Peaceful Places, Quiet Moments aka Nature Will You Marry Me Gallery:

green with envy

GMoney at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island

GMoney at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island

Seattle Center

Seattle Center

I like visiting cities and feeling the excitement and energy in the air. I like getting the vibe of different neighborhoods. But I am clearly and definitively a country mouse who likes to rock ‘n roll once in a while. Travel has a great way of jumpstarting the brain with new activity. It blows the dust off those synapses and stretches them out like rubber bands. Feels good. It has inspired me to make a list of new places, near and far, that I want to explore with my boyfriend, Camera.

…i plan to propose soon…shhh…

I know it seems like I am a proposaholic, but I assure you, I am not. I do not have a problem.

Do you know if Coffee is seeing anyone right now?