Men: Beauty & Truth

I am really sorry.  Truly.  I’m better than this.  But not right at this moment.

Pretty.  So pretty.

Just so you know, I’ve already received a lot of payback for being so shallow.  For instance, the last guy that hit on me looked like this (Without the cute mouse.  If he had that mouse, maybe I would have gone out with him.):

I’m not sure why I’m sharing all of these painful memories.  I think I’m just waiting for all of that pain to be rewarded some day.

Rewards, please hurry.

Gravity is closing in fast.


3 thoughts on “Men: Beauty & Truth

  1. …hey, i like michael jeter (i guess that should be in the past tense now)…but, yeah, mr. jingles is a cute little guy…so who’s the pretty boy? is he somebody famous? i’m so out of the loop these days i don’t know who any of these young celebrities are anymore…


  2. That’s a nice young man from Peru. He’s on (or was on) “The Voice”. As a postscript, it wasn’t so much Michael Jeter’s looks that put me off, it was the way I noticed him hovering around my perimeter while I was at a wine and food tasting event. And then suddenly, he pounced: “Hi, I’m Michael. Are you Japanese?” Why? Why do men say this? And then he said, “Can I meet you some time?” I just smiled politely and tried to say as kindly as possible, “No, but thank you” and kept moving. I felt bad, but not bad enough to stay standing there.


  3. …hmmmmm…someone i know recently had a guy come up to her and say that he really liked oriental girls (she’s korean, the guy was white)…i don’t understand why guys actually say stuff like that (i can understand thinking it, but to let it actually pass through your lips strikes me as pretty stupid)…i wonder if guys ever say the same thing about women of other races?…there’s a worthwhile cartoon in this…


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