“Dear Mr. Golden Heart…”

Im nice person dear, golden heart and generous. Im confident can be good friends. It would be honor. Please can you respond me if interested? All the best

Uh oh.

I’m not sure if he’s calling me dear or himself. No matter, because I don’t have the confidence that he has in our future friendship. By the way, that’s the second email he’s written to me. The first one was also grammar-challenged and equally troubling. I had taken a friend’s advice with his first email:  “If you’re not interested at all, don’t write back. Even a friendly rejection could give him some hope.” But maybe saying nothing still leaves the door open?

I’ve learned something from my date with The Chef. I think my nervous energy took over and I tried too hard. I really just need to calm the hell down. Perhaps I will meditate before my next date, assuming there will be another one. With someone. Anyone. During my post-date analysis, I thought about the fact that even if I had been the perfect amount of me, it still doesn’t mean The Chef would have been attracted to me.

Dating sure can play with your self-confidence. No wonder those Bachelorettes weep, go mad, turn on each other. They’re like lab rats in a Hollywood maze designed to make their insecurities bubble and rise to the surface. I’m surprised they don’t eat each others’ faces off. In my own very quiet reality, I tell myself that I have to learn from whatever I experience and keep moving. Besides, The Chef isn’t the only Bachelor out there to show interest in me. There is a guy in Chicago who has contacted me. That’s not too far from CA, right? I’m perfect for him because I fit into the age range of women he’s searching:  21-63 years old.

My love affair with Match isn’t looking so good.


5 thoughts on ““Dear Mr. Golden Heart…”

  1. Humble,

    I don’t agree with your post-game analysis. He took the time to see you, the guy told you he looks at pictures. The data indicates a high level of attraction. Its not a binary thing.

    I see you don’t like the “casting” a wide net idea? hmmmm be right back….have to change my profile……

    Have a good day!


    • Then maybe my photos are more attractive than me in person? I hate self-doubt. This is the problem when I allow others to define me. I can’t let the The Chef do that in just one date. Reminder to myself: I wasn’t for him – it has nothing to do with me.

      Wait – are you the guy in Chicago????


  2. “My love affair with Match isn’t looking so good.”
    …oh good god, you just started; give it some time…and, btw, you’re equally attractive (very) in photo and in-person…

    …chicago dude listed an age range of 21 – 63? i wonder why he stopped at 63…


    • I know – I’m so dramatic. I’m tired of being level-headed; I reserve my right to act like a Bachelorette!

      Okay, my tantrum is over. I got a phone call yesterday, but I won’t tell you who it was. Yet.


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