Runners’ highs sure are unpredictable. I thought they were gifted to you after a run or maybe during some kind of physical peak, not right as you began running. The High hit me as soon as I stepped foot on the trail. It’s possible that I was feeling extra good. Or maybe it was the caffeine. No matter. The run had me feeling extremely grateful.

I love to run on the trail along the ocean. It’s probably hell on my knees, but I’m not a sprinter or a galloper, nor do I run the entire time, so I feel like I’m not punishing them too much. After I completed my first 10k on New Year’s day, I was grateful to have finished. I didn’t care where I placed or if I lost time to take photos of the course. It simply wasn’t enough for me to take mental pictures – I had to capture this:

New Year's Day - 10k

The view I have on my regular runs is spectacular. I get to see things like this:

Bathing Beauties

and this:

The View

I’m grateful to be able to see and experience all of the above. And not only with my eyes.

I’m grateful to have a voice that is growing stronger and am thankful that I know when not to use that voice (you should hear some of the things that go on in my head that luckily for you, I keep to myself).

I’m grateful for my health and for limbs that keep me going. Once castigated, my legs have told me, Don’t be ashamed of us anymore. Understood. My respect to you, you healthy burritos. And I say that with affection, not in a snarky way, per my usual self.

I’m also grateful for forums like this. For all of the Internet’s overindulgence and creepy-uncle aspects, it also opens up a world where people can connect in the best ways possible. It helps me grow and learn and discover. And in return, I hope I can extend that energy back out into the world.

As I mentioned in a post a year ago, I used to look at runners and think, “Really, now. Why?? Where are you even going?”

Where am I going?

Everywhere, with grateful intention go I…


9 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. That looks like an incredible place to run!
    and yeay for completing your first 10k 😀
    I am considering attempting a 10k again this year…I haven’t even tried one singe 2010 and then I didn’t do it very well…


  2. YOU GO GIRL! you go go go! ah, this makes me happy! those pictures make me happy!

    if there’s anything that promotes happiness in life, it’s being grateful/practicing gratitude, even down to the act of washing your hands. i mean, just look at your pictures. if that’s not enough to be grateful about, then i don’t know… keep running through that path, lady! i’m on the sidelines cheering you on!!!


  3. I bought new running shoes for the new year, with hopes of doing a slow trot on some trail by my next bday. My younger sister (the one that is reading your blog now) ran her first marathon — the Marine Corps one in D.C. — last year. I’m so proud of her…she is just 2 years younger than me, so there is HOPE yet for me. You runners are so inspiring!


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