I Am Cougar, Hear Me Roar

I’ve been on Match.com for exactly one week.

It’s early yet, but I’m beginning to think that it might be the perfect vehicle for someone like me.  It’s either that or I’m just fascinated by the whole social psychology aspect.  Maybe both.  I hardly ever get approached out in the every day world, so online dating is proving to be a good way to be seen, yet remain somewhat anonymous.  Shopping for men from the comfort of my home is what I love about the Internet.

Match forces you to look at people.  That’s to my advantage.  I wouldn’t call myself “first glance” pretty.  If you look real hard, I’m decent-looking from certain angles and when the wind is coming in from the SW at 8 mph.  I’m like one of those 3D graphic prints that you have to stare at until the other, secret picture appears.  Most people can’t see it right away; some people never see it.  Which is fine, because my secret picture isn’t for everyone.  On the Match site, I included a photo of myself right before I ran a 5K.  No makeup.  Hey, it’s how I look!  Like it or leave it.  Just stop staring at it – it isn’t going to get any better.  And I tried to convey my personality into my profile, not just a list of things I like and what I’m looking for.  I’ve read some guys’ profiles and they are so generic that I don’t get any sense of who they are.  They love food and walking on the beach?  Me, too!!  I’ve finally found my soulmate!!  All I can say is, if a guy contacts me after looking at my photos and profile, I’m assuming he has a sense of what he’s getting into.

I’ve been contacted by some guys, and a few of them have commented on my appearance.  I suppose it’s flattering, but for some reason I feel like it’s a red flag.  Maybe I’m just not the type to be won over by compliments, especially if I’ve never even met you.  One of my friends told me that she doesn’t respond to any kind of contact unless she’s interested.  Apparently, even a rejection email can open the door to unwanted attention.  I decided that I would only ignore someone if I found them especially creepy, but I could change my mind.  It’s only been a week – I could change my mind about this whole thing tomorrow.

I might go on my first Match date this week.  He’s young, but at least he’s over 40.  I’m a little hesitant because I’m tiptoeing into Cougar territory; he’s several years younger than the age range I had posted, but then the last few guys that have contacted me have been around the same age (including Wine Guy).  I’m open to dating someone older than me, but I don’t think I ever have.  Maybe this is my problem?  Whatever the case –  AAAAAAAA!!!!!!  My eardrums just burst.  Women everywhere screamed at me to shut up and go for it.  Well, there it is.  If there’s one thing I can’t do, that’s let womankind down.  Time to get to work.


4 thoughts on “I Am Cougar, Hear Me Roar

  1. You have a very humorous way of writing. I did the online dating thing and was deluged by the young guys approaching me. I drew the line at anyone more than 10 years younger and went for dates with some of them. I actually had a lot of fun, but it was clear these guys mostly just went for MILFs. Well, I refuse to fall into that category, so they didn’t get to far.

    Oddly enough, I did end up marrying a guy 22 years my junior 2 1/2 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did! He’s totally devoted to me and I feel very lucky.


    • 22 yrs your junior?? You’re my heroine!! That’s awesome – very glad you found a great guy.

      OMG – I didn’t know what MILF was. I had to look it up. Ew!!

      I don’t know if I’m truly a cougar, but I’m trying to draw the line at around 7-8 years younger. Any younger, and I kinda feel like they’re still boys (but I know some men stay boy-like for a while).

      Thanks so much for reading my post!


      • Honey, you don’t have to be a cougar! I’m not which is my point exactly! Don’t get hung up on age, that’s all. Be open to experiences and get know what you want! If you check out my blog, I wrote about how I fell in love with him. I knew what I was looking for and he had it! What else can I say?


  2. I read your latest post – a good read! Deep down I know that age is just a number. Whoever is right for me will feel right to me. Just haven’t met him yet but am not waiting around, either.

    Thanks again!


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